How Demovis Works

Demovis Analytics is very different from traditional web analytics services. Traditional web analytics services study the behavior of website visitors by analyzing the basic details of a web transaction, such as a visitor’s IP address, browser configuration, and navigation path through the web site. Demovis Analytics provides these metrics in addition to its unique competitive landscape analysis. This allows publishers to measure how their visitors interact with competing web publishers.

Demovis is able to collect different metrics than competing analytics services because Demovis uses proprietary technology to analyze website visitors.

How publishers use Demovis

Publishers that use Demovis Analytics embed a snippet of HTML and JavaScript into their website template. The Demovis Analytics service captures all the basic information traditional analytics services capture about a visitor by having that visitor request a small hit counter image file from the Demovis Analytics service. Next, visitors with JavaScript enabled browsers are analyzed by our proprietary demographic analytics code. That analysis is then sent back to the Demovis server. Publishers can then log in to their Demovis accounts to get reports on the performance of their content.

Content publishers choose Demovis because:

  • Without any customization, publishers can immediately learn about the nature of their audience. Publishers can quickly and easily find out what their visitors are or may be most interested in.
  • Publishers can use the data to produce better-informed advertising and content campaigns. Demovis can help publishers take guesswork out of tailoring content to audience interests by quantitatively measuring what content interests those visitors.
  • Publishers that sell ad space within their content can use data in Demovis reports to reassure advertisers that their content is reaching the right audience.
  • Publishers that subscribe to our custom reporting service can quantify customer loyalty by determining what percent of visitors have visited competing websites.

How Demovis analyzes visitors

As mentioned before, Demovis Analytics uses an image and a JavaScript embedded in a publisher’s page to track visitors to that page. When a user requests the image file, the Demovis Analytics service records the information recorded by traditional analytics services. This allows us to count visitors and analyze navigation through the site.

The Demovis Analytics service then uses its proprietary JavaScript code to learn more about visitor’s interests. The Demovis Analytics code is extremely light, and operates transparently on visitor’s machines without installing software or changing any system configuration options. The Demovis Analytics code is not loaded until the page publisher’s content is fully loaded and rendered in the visitor’s browser. Even for dial-up users, the impact of Demovis Analytics to the web experience is nearly unnoticeable. A typical transaction with the Demovis Analytics server requires less than 80 kilobytes of bandwidth.

The Demovis Analytics JavaScript is compatible with the most popular web browser and operating system platforms. The analytics JavaScript can also sometimes run on embedded browsers within mobile devices and other specialty devices, ranging from cellular handsets to the Playstation 3, despite technical limitations on many embedded browsers. While Demovis cannot track visitors that do not load images or JavaScript, this represents a particularly small minority of users on the web. Demovis can typically successfully analyze over 98% of visitors to most web sites.

The Demovis Analytics service is designed in such a way that it would not be possible to individually identify a visitor or the data recorded about that visitor. Personally identifiable private information is never revealed to the Demovis Analytics service. Demovis is able to capture only as much data as the visitor’s browser is willing to provide.

Demovis can reliably record market data about visitors without compromising that visitor’s privacy. Demovis Analytics stores its market analysis data separate from its traditional analytics data. Demovis Analytics market data is only accessible in aggregate form – market data about individual visitors is stored using industry standard cryptographic techniques that make it impossible even for a Demovis employee to identify the interests of a particular visitor.

For users not interested in participating in the market research conducted by Demovis, we provide a robust opt-out mechanism. Users can opt-out by registering their IP address, accepting a cookie, accepting a browser “fingerprinting” using another custom Demovis identity management technology, or any combination thereof. Demovis encourages users concerned about privacy to seek out useable script-blocking technologies such as the NoScript plug-in for the Mozilla Firefox browser, which we strongly recommend for a truly safe and secure online experience.