About Demovis

What is Demovis?

Demovis (pronounced dem-o-viz) is a portmanteau of “Demographic” and “Visualization”. Demovis is a proprietary web analytics technology developed by the creators of the SellStuff! peer-to-peer marketplace.  Demovis can report on metrics not covered by competing analytics services.

  • Demovis is a web analytics service
  • Demovis offers unparalleled insight into client demographics for any size website
  • Demovis is free to try for as long as you’d like

Demovis has developed a new web analytics technology that enables the measurement and analysis of parameters previously incapable of being measured and studied. This new technology addresses the issues of cross-platform compatibility and interference with the end-user experience that hinders the quality of data collected by other web analytics methodologies. This will provide Internet content publishers unparalleled insights into their core audience that will allow them to reduce spend on ineffective campaigns and enhance their offerings based on what their customers are interested in.

This new analytics technology has been developed to be offered as a web service that provides content publishers and webmasters with periodic reports on the performance of their content. The key parameter of the reports that distinguishes this technology from other analytics methods is a competitive landscape analysis. This report compares relative popularity of third party sites by analyzing website visitors to determine if they have visited those third party sites, and then aggregating and summarizing that information. This enables substantially deeper insight into the interests of a website’s visitors than has ever been obtainable previously. Content publishers that use the Demovis service will immediately be able to understand and cater to the interests of their clients, and calculate the effectiveness and reach of their web operations.

How can I use Demovis Analytics?

Demovis is in development but will be made available to the public soon.  If you’d like to be notified when the Demovis Web Analytics service is publicly launched, please register on our Try Demovis Free page.

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